Susie Michael's Deck Garden!

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08/30/2012 - Susie's deck garden really is pretty amazing.  Most of the seeds from which it was grown were already more than 10 years old!  Once they started, she knew she wanted to nurture them, so she started giving them tea, compost tea that is.  Apparently compost tea is almost a magic elixir for plants, because they not only continued to grow, but as you can see from the photo galleries, they got huge and are continuing to grow.  Susie had the first green bell pepper and said it was the best tasting bell pepper she'd ever had.  Even the strawberries produced some fruit, which I guess they weren't supposed to even do their first season, and they were extremely yummy.  We just had our first ear of corn the other day.  Just as sort of a test, we also had some store-bought corn too.  There was absolutely no comparison.  Susie's deck garden corn was the winner, hands down!  After eating a bite of it, the store-bought stuff just tasted like butter and salt, no corn flavor at all. 

Anyway, now that we've started writing here, we'll probably make short updates when we post a new gallery, so stay tuned! :)