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Well hello.  What do we
have here?




Ah, yum.  That's what I thought, FOOD!


Okay, let's try to hit the mouth with that next spoonful, alright?

And now, a little something to wash it all down.  Okay, okay, so I'm still gettin the hang of these...whaddya callem...hands, right?  Oh yeah, discovered my toungue too....  

Not pretty, but it works...yeah.


Oh yeah.  Back on the floor.  What's that?  You say you
want a pose?


Okay, how's this?

No, wait...wait!  This is better, check this out!  

Godfather, what's that you got there?  Oh, have you seen my tongue?


Thanks.  That's just what I was lookin for.  You did see
my tongue, right?


Okay, let's practice:  Yeah, I had one this big but it threw my hook....
Well, I'm gettin tired now.  See you guys later.... :)  
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