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Alright, we've discovered . . . tupperware!

Yeah, that's me, the world's fastest bongo drummer.  My hands are so fast, you can't even see 'em.

WOW!  Now that was bright.

You could warn a guy ya know....

Okay, let's see.  What should
I do for my next tune...

Aha!  I have it, the perfect one!


Nope, better give this a little more thought.

Okay, well, did ya like it or what?  Alright, c'mon,
tell me what you think.

So where the heck does that bright flash of light keep coming
from, anyway?


Those bongos wear a guy out.

But not too much to
ham it up a bit!


Oof!  Man, these bongos can be pretty obnoxious.

But you gotta show 'em who's boss.


Well, not that I've got this one subdued, I'm gonna rest for a bit. 
See you guys later!

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